Lilies, along with Roses, constitute the most beloved flowers in any garden or Home. 

That's why sending Lilies to that special someone in Bogota in a beautiful Flower Arrangement will make for a perfect gift. No one will resist the beauty of Lilies. 

Madonna Lilies (one of the most popular lilies) are usually related to Virgin Mary and are symbols of purity and perfection. These flowers are very common during special occasions like Mother's Day or Anniversaries.

Exotic Flowers + Fruit arrangement + Wine...

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90 Roses + Lilies in a Glass Vase

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Greetings Flower Arrangement

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24 Roses +Lilies + Crane Flower + Umbrell...

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Lily Bouquet: 20 Lilies + Box of 4 Chocol...

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Fruits & Flowers: Fruit Arrangement plus ...

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