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Funeral Wreath: Red Roses and Madonna Lilies (Easel + Banner)

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A beautiful Funeral Wreath with Red Roses and Madonna Lilies as a gesture of hope during times of grief. 

This Funeral Wreath includes approximately 70 Red Roses (Jumbo size), the classic symbol of hope and love for the departed and Madonna Lilies as a symbol of eternal life. 

Available in two sizes: Regular (35 inches) or Jumbo (55 inches tall.)

The Funeral Flower Wreath includes:

+ Hand-Made Wreath (Jumbo Size: 70 Red Roses / Regular Size: 36 Red Roses

+ Madonna Lilies ( Jumbo Size: 15 stems / Regular Size: 8 Stems

+ Easel 

+ Banner with Sender's Name.

+ If you wish, a printed Card with your own personalized message of strenght. 

This product is delivered today if you choose today's date when placing the order and if you confirm the payment before 1:00 PM Colombian time and it is not a Sunday or a holiday.

Funerals have priority and it is possible to deliver them if you confirm the payment before 3:00 p.m. Colombian time.

If you have an emergency, do not hesitate to contact us by email, or chat, and we will review how we can help.

How much do you charge for Delivery in Bogota?

Pick-Up (+ 3 business hours): If you choose to pick-up your order at Floristería JM, the cost will be $0 (no cost) , we will require 3 business hours to prepare your order after Payment has been placed.

How can I reduce Shipping Costs? By making sure the final price of your order is over COP$40.800 (>USD$13.9)

Delivery Fees for pre-determined Dates: Orders must be OVER  COP$40.800 (>USD$13.9)

Zonas de Envio de Flores a Bogota

An EXTRA FEE is charged for ORDERS less than COP $40.800 (USD 13,90):  COP $14.900 additional to the fees above.(USD 4,99).

Remember that if the final price of your order is less than $40.800 (USD$13.9), we will add an EXTRA FEE of COP 14,900 (USD$4.99) to your order.

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