Funeral Casket Sprays

Funeral Casket Sprays are usually reserved for family members or relatives close to the deceased, as the available space on the casket is very limited. 

If you wish to express your condolences, don't forget to browse through our selection of Funeral Wreaths with a Ribbon and Tripod Stand or our selection of Funeral Sprays on a Pedestal below. 

Funeral Combo: Casket Spray + Flower Arra...

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Funeral Combo: Wreath + Casket Spray

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COP$199.500 (Including tax) COP$285.000
Eternal Light: Funeral Flower Arrangement...

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COP$220.000 (Including tax)
Funeral Flower Arrangement - Our Last Goo...

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COP$129.500 (Including tax) COP$185.000
Funeral Casket Spray: 18 White Roses + Ca...

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COP$87.500 (Including tax) COP$125.000