Exportation Type Roses in Bogota

There's a false notion that states that Exportation type Roses in Bogota are larger than traditional roses. This is not true. 

A small rose, with a 15-inch stem and a 1,6-inch button can easily be an Export type Rose. 

Which Roses would you send?

Our Roses at Floristería JM, used in our Boxes, Bouquets and Flower Arrangements are as long as 27 inches with a 2,3 inches wide button. 

What are the characteristics of an Export type Rose? 

For a Rose to be considered an Exportation type Rose, it must accomplish the following requirements: 

  1. Healthy Roses. These exportation roses must be plague or disease-free roses that will not contaminate the country of exportation. This is guaranteed by a certificate given by an official institution. 
  2. Quality Roses. These roses usually have undergone a thorough evaluation of their freshness, texture, color and size. Curved stems or pale colors are usually not qualified as exportation roses. 

Is there a ranking of Rose Quality when buying Exportation type roses?

According to Infoagro (http://www.infoagro.com/flores/flores/rosas2.htm)  there are different types of Roses classified by their length. 

FIRST QUALITY: 27 - 31 inches (70-80 cms)
SECOND QUALITY: 23 - 26 inches (60-70 cms)
THIRD QUALITY: 19 - 22 inches (50-60 cms)
SHORT QUALITY: 15 - 18 inches (40-50 cms)

The quality degree is also given by the proportion between the lenght of the stem and the width of the button. 

Is there another way to determine the quality degree of Exportation Type roses in Bogota?

There are five different degrees when classifying a Rose Stem. To determine the quality degree of the stem, you take into account two different aspects: size of the button and length of the stem.   

The stem above, according to its size, will classify as a 70 degree stem. Meaning, the length of the stem is between 27-31 inches  (70-80 cm.)

This diagram will show you how to determine the Quality Degree of a Rose.

A rose with a stem 15,7 inches long and a button 1,6 inches wide will qualify as a Exportation type rose. 

What are the prices for Exportation Type Roses in Bogota? 

Prices may vary according to the quality of the roses. The larger the degree, the better the quality, the higher the price. 

At Floristería JM, we sell Roses with a Quality degree of 70. FIRST, TOP QUALITY COLOMBIAN ROSES.  


    • Keep in mind that when our florists arrange specific Boxes or Flower Arrangements, they will be required to cut the stem of the roses to create the final product. 
    • The best way to determine the quality of the rose is by measuring the length of the Rose button. Check for the quality in the texture and color of the button. 
    • If you're buying a Bouquet or a Rose Arrangement in a Glass vase, the length of the Roses may vary, as our Florists will usually cut the roses to arrange the flowers.